I Love Plants


Lately, I’ve been wondering why the world is suddenly obsessed with houseplants. I know plants are nothing new, but it feels like people can't get enough, and I've fully jumped on the bandwagon. I used to have a ton of plants when I lived in Los Angeles. My little apartment in Hollywood got great light, and everything grew beautifully. However, when I moved to Portland, all that changed. I had two windows in the whole place. Oregon isn’t exactly the sunniest, and slowly but surely I watched them die one by one. It broke my heart. I felt like I had failed them. These little things that sparked so much joy were now gone.

After that, I didn't have plants for a long time. When I moved back to Austin, I knew I would shower my new place with pothos, succulents, and anything that looked cute in a window sill. Since I didn't have a backyard, I was determined to make my back patio an urban garden oasis with herbs, cactuses, and succulents. I pulled my partner into the project, and together we made it happen. It was all very Joanna and Chip Gaines. I had the vision, and Justin had the tools. We bickered about it at first but soon figured it out, and now we have a beautiful place to grill, throw darts, and hang. There's nothing I love more than stepping out onto my back patio, clipping some rosemary, and cooking with it. It feels so damn artisan.

So why are we plant-obsessed? For me, it’s because the world is going down the pooper, and watching something grow and thrive is inspiring. If I can keep a plant alive, then I can keep going as well.

Did you know that growing plants promotes good health and well-being? Nurturing a plant is rewarding, and I've found it relieves my stress to take a break and talk to my plants. I fiddle with them, and I even go as far to name them. When I name a plant, I try to name it after someone that embodies the characteristics of that plant. For instance, I have a plant that requires a lot of water. It's a very thirsty plant, so I named it after my friend that posts way too many Instagram stories. Get it? In a way, naming the plant endears me to it a little more and keeps the memory of that person present.

If you've been thinking about taking up houseplants, you'll be happy to know that according to an NBC article I read recently, "studies have proven that house plants improve concentration and productivity (by up to 15%), reduce stress levels, and boost your mood." I must say I have found this to be true. My plants spark so much joy, and I'm so glad they're back in my life. If you need some helpful tips on becoming a green thumb, check out the NBC article here I mentioned before. It's a fun, little read!